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By the pool or at the beach this is a great two piece, bikini swimsuit for a almost all over tan. Classic triangle top and tie side thong bottoms with trim.

Price: $39.00
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We choose only the best and most popular and fashionable solid color. Any of these colors will make you the star and envy of all your friends!

Print AP383

Print AP384

Print Asian Hibiscus

Print Aztec

Print Baby Blue Plaid

Print Big Black Polka Dot

Print Big Pink Polka Dot

Print Black & White Checkerboard

Print Black Flames

Print Black Cherries

Print Black Skulls

Print Blue & White Polka Dots

Print Blue Animal Print

Print Blue Bandana

Print Blue Boxes

Print Blue Flames

Print Blue Plaid

Print Bolero

Print Brown Zebra

Print Chocolate Dots

Print Cow Print

Print Crazy Paisley

Print Music Notes

Print Foxy Boxes

Print Golden Cat

Print Green Flames

Print Black & White Polka Dots

Print Black & Pink Polka Dots

Print Jungle Camo

Print Lips

Print Black & Red Polka Dots

Print Little Skulls

Print Love Peace Hope

Print Mary Jane

Print Multi Flag

Print Mustard Polka Dots

Print Ocean Camo

Print Orange Bandana

Print Orange Flames

Print Orange Surfer Cotton Lycra

Print Peace

Print Pink Cherries

Print Pink Flames

Print Pink Kittens

Print Pink Plaid

Print Pink Music Notes

Print Red & White Checker Board

Print PS219

Print White & Black Polka Dots

Print Red Eyed Skulls

Print Red Flames

Print Red Hearts

Print Red Plaid

Print Red Bandana

Print Red Skulls

Print Red & White Stripes

Print Royal Stars

Print Paisley

Print Small White & Black Polka Dots

Print Small Pink Polka Dots

Print Stars & Stripes

Print Subway Graffiti

Print Tan Bandana

Print USA

Print White Cherries

Print Yellow & White Polka Dots

Print Zebra

Print Black and White Hearts

Wet Look
Look like you just stepped out of the water with these fabulous wet look colors. Sleek and sophisticated, you will be the hottest hit around!

Wet Look Black

Wet Look EB1

Wet Look EB5

Wet Look EB6

Wet Look Emerald Green

Wet Look Hot Pink

Wet Look Orange

Wet Look Red

Wet Look Royal Blue

Wet Look Silver

Wet Look Turquoise

Wet Look Yellow

Wet Look White


Look glamorous in Divakiniz swimwear with these sleek metallic colors. Perfect for beach side parties, glamor shots or just walking the beach. Special care is required when cleaning your garment.

Foil suits are specialty items, not intended for use with oils or cholorinated water, and we are not responsible for damage resulting from chemicals.

Foil Foil Baby Pink Mystique

Foil Black

Foil Blue

Foil Blue Stars

Foil Bug-a-Boo

Foil Cardinalamer

Foil Copper

Foil Copper Animal Print

Foil Emerald Green

Foil Fiesta Carnival

Foil Glitter and Glow Matrix Purple

Foil Gold

Foil Hot Pink

Foil Hot Pink Mystique

Foil Meta 08

Foil Meta 22

Foil Metallic Boxes

Foil Red

Foil Retro Bubbles

Foil Retro Glitter

Foil Silver

Foil Silver Swirl

Foil Star Garden

Foil Stars & Stripes

Foil Teal Mystique

Foil Tinkerbelle Orchid

Foil Turquoise

Shiny and shimmering fabrics and colors will make you the talk of the beach. Special care is required when cleaning your garment.

Hologram suits are specialty items, not intended for use with oils or chlorinated water, and we are not responsible for damage resulting from chemicals.

Hologram Blue

Hologram Bluish-Purple

Hologram Disco Dots

Hologram Grey Matter Microdot

Hologram H1000

Hologram H1043

Hologram H1256

Hologram Lime

Hologram Multi Purple

Hologram Oil Slick

Hologram Olive Microdot

Hologram Orange

Hologram Red

Hologram Silver

Hologram Turquoise

Select Your Trim Color

Please select a color for the trim of your suit.

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